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Laser welding on outdoor furniture

We care for the environment with world leading technology thanks to laser welding.

As the only aluminium garden furniture manufacturers in EuropeIn many cases, we often encounter difficulties in the manufacturing process due to the volume of production, material processing conditions, frequency and intensity of welding and reworking.

The laser welding arises from the need to optimise efficiency, cost and comfort in the workplace for all our employees. A new alternative to the traditional welding method, leader in the market and in the metal sector.

What are the advantages of incorporating fibre laser welding?

The laser welding machines allow through a concentrated heat source to fire pulses that make it possible to fuse two surfaces together, creating highly resistant and higher quality welds compared to the traditional method. The development of this event allows to enhance and increase the strength of the aluminium giving the product a long life span.

  • Improves the production capacity and quality of aluminium up to 60%.
  • Energy consumption is halved and 80% of input material is reduced, increasing our commitment to the environment.
  • There is no need to rework the previously welded part, which makes production much more efficient in terms of both time and resources.
  • Avoids unwanted deformations in the welding process of the part.
  • It provides versatility in making deep welds as well as smaller, localised welds.
  • A perfect finish is achieved in terms of aesthetics.
  • Its use can be implemented for the processing of a wide variety of materials.

Our purpose for 2023

Like outdoor furniture manufacturers by the end of the year, our mission will be the progressive incorporation of 15 new laser welding machines with the aim of improving the productivity, efficiency and comfort of all our workers in the workplace.

All this, with the technology and collaboration of Soldaman bringing his more than 30 years of experience of R&D&I in the welding sector.

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