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How to choose the best colour for your outdoor furniture cushions

Autumn is here! Although this summer has brought us fantastic sunny days, in this Mediterranean climate, many terraces and gardens are begging for a change. The outdoor cushions are a good solution to give the magic touch that any terrace or garden needs. 

In this sense, they are an essential element to take into account when starting any decoration project. Although they are a traditional element, they are still very versatile for transforming spaces and creating new atmospheres.  

In today’s post we show you some tips so that you can surprise your people using decorative outdoor cushions. They will become your best allies to achieve incredible results in a quick, simple and economical way. We tell you all about it!

How to create a cosy atmosphere with neutral tones?

As we all know, neutral tones have been a trend in recent years and they are a perfect option that combines with all types of outdoor environments. They are beautiful, they transmit serenity and give an elegant and minimalist touch to any terrace. They are also a perfect option to play with other decorative elements and textures. 

However, the colour base of our outdoor furniture must be taken into account, as it is important to create colour contrasts in order to avoid monotony. 

Outdoor furniture with neutral base

In such cases, it is important to give energy and personality to our terrace cushions or garden. In this respect, it is important to choose a colour palette of similar tones to achieve visual harmony. Both plain and patterned colours can be combined for this type of furniture.

Decoration for stamped bases

On the other hand, if our outdoor furniture already has an upholstery with some kind of print or pattern, we should opt for plain colours to avoid overloading the environment. In this situation, it will also be necessary to take into account the shades of colour already available.

Decorating with warm or cool tones?

The first thing to bear in mind before choosing any colour shade for a outer cushion are the sensations it conveys. Because each one transmits and expresses different sensations, which can influence our comfort and rest experience.

Warm tones have a stimulating effect and create a feeling of closeness, life, joy, well-being and comfort. Cool tones, on the other hand, have a relaxing effect and convey a feeling of more space, distance and spaciousness.

Bases with warm tones

In general, these colours usually range from red to yellow, including oranges, browns and golds. In these cases, to achieve harmony, it is advisable to opt for cushions in the same chromatic range, but in more muted tones, avoiding excessive colour saturation.

This type of colour accepts combinations of both plain and patterned colours thanks to its vitality. 

Furniture with cool tones

Cool tones are those ranging from blue to green including purple. They are perfect for creating cosy and classic atmospheres as well as fresh and innovative atmospheres. These shades can be combined with their opposite or complementary colours – perfect for your outdoor furniture cushions!

Combining warm and cool tones

A good way to combine both tones is to use one in your outdoor furniture and the other in the upholstery of the cushions to create contrast and bring a unique feel to your room.

 However, when choosing any colour it is essential to bear in mind that a home is only perfect when it makes you feel at ease. Would you like to see more colour combinations for your home? outdoor cushions? Find them in Hevea.

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