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Since 1990, we have specialised in the production of exclusive designs for our customers’ terraces and gardens. We manufacture all types of garden furniture in Granada sent directly from our factory in the Region of Murcia.

Our wide range of high quality furniture adapts to different styles and needs, made entirely with top quality materials to guarantee the durability and resistance of our products.

Unique in Europe since 1970

As pioneers in the sector we base our lines of work on the use of high quality materials, certified by reliable suppliers and raw materials from the national territory. Thus providing the best options available in the market for our customers and sharing our vision of excellence in the city of Grenada.

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Our most exclusive garden furniture in Granada

Enjoy the benefits of treating directly with the factory and of our special conditions in all our garden furniture made in Spain.


What makes our terrace furniture in Granada different?

Characterised by its fantastic climate, Alicante is a perfect place when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.

In this respect, the garden and terrace furniture are an ideal option to enjoy the natural beauty of the region and create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for the well-being of our guests.

garden furniture in granada
How to buy the best outdoor furniture in Alicante?

At Hevea outdoor furniture we have a wide network of sales representatives in Alicante. If you would like to see our garden furniture or make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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Why are we betting on Granada?

Our goal is not only to offer attractive designs, but also to be an alternative to the garden furniture conventional in the European market by betting on the maximum quality and resistance of our aluminium furniture.

All of this, always offering the most efficient service to meet the needs of our customers.

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Our most popular garden furniture in Granada

Our garden furniture collections par excellence: Sovervil, Podium, Platinum and Aluminium & Rope. Each one rigorously tried and tested to guarantee its durability in any outdoor environment.



Two-colour aluminium with more than 10 different combinations. Latest novelty, unique product on the market.



Large, sturdy and comfortable aluminium sofa and corner sofa sets.

Rope & Synthetic fibre

Rope & Synthetic fibre

Sets of sofas, corner pieces, tables and armchairs, made of aluminium and covered with high quality rope or synthetic fibre.

Deluxe tables

Deluxe Tables

With two types of board: HPL and aluminium slats in different sizes, colours and qualities.


Francisca Serrano

Daniel Camarena 

Daniel Miñano

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Frequently asked questions

Materials such as aluminium, nautical rope, sintered stone and HPL are excellent options for weatherproof garden furniture. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for the climate of the region. Granada.

There are many ways to personalise garden furniture. As manufacturers of outdoor garden and terrace furniture we offer all kinds of tailor-made solutions for all our customers. garden furniture direct from the factory for our customers in Granada.

Firstly, it will be essential to measure the available space to determine the size and type of garden furniture to choose. Another factor to consider is the climate of Granada as it is important to choose garden furniture that is durable and weather resistant.

Finally, it will also be important to choose a fabric that is resistant to UV rays, dust, fungus and easy to maintain, such as: Dralon, Dralon Lux or Waterproof fabric.

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