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What is the difference between aluminium and steel furniture?

What is the difference between aluminium and steel furniture?

aluminium and steel furniture

In the world of hospitality, having a terrace or garden can be the key for our customers to choose one option or another. In this sense, furniture, decoration and equipment will be a plus that requires planning.

Both steel and aluminium are two indispensable materials when it comes to outdoor furniture. Both are similar in appearance but have very different characteristics in terms of maintenance, durability, weight… In today’s post we tell you how to differentiate them without dying trying. Don’t miss it!

Advantages of aluminium furniture

A recyclable material

Aluminium is a material that by its nature is more abundant than steel. The latter is not a natural material and needs to be mixed with other metals to obtain it. In addition to all of the above, it stands out for the possibility of being recycled without losing its properties. 

Resists temperature changes

Changes in temperature, direct sunlight and rain are some of the weather factors that can damage outdoor furniture. But in the case of aluminium this is not a problem as it is a material that does not suffer from the famous and hated rust.

This aspect makes aluminium furniture an ideal choice for the hotel and catering industry, where the inclemency of the weather is compounded by the intensive use of the furniture.

aluminium and steel furniture

Resists temperature changes

In most cases we will always find ourselves in the situation of looking for an outdoor furniture that guarantees its durability. In this respect, aluminium is a much more affordable material than any other stainless steel outdoor furniture (in case rust is a concern).

However, the price factor often depends on the raw materials used to manufacture each metal. But it is undoubtedly an affordable and environmentally friendly option for many.

Advantages of steel terrace furniture

Steel is a material obtained by mixing several metals. Due to its density, it is one of the heaviest metals. 

In contrast to aluminium, it is not very resistant to weathering and rust is more likely to appear on any type of terrace or garden furniture. However, it also has its advantages such as durability, strength, flexibility and hardness.

steel furniture

Can I use steel furniture for the porch?

The answer is yes! But you should bear in mind that it is a rust-sensitive material and it is therefore essential to have protective covers when it is not in use.

Which one is best for outdoor use?

In terms of anti-corrosion properties, we can conclude that aluminium stands out notably over steel. In terms of resistance we can highlight steel over aluminium.

However, for the use of this type of furniture for a garden, bar or pool terrace, the use of aluminium is always recommended due to its easy maintenance, cleaning, price and performance.

All in all, having aluminium furniture can be a great choice, but don’t forget to always evaluate your options! Would you like to learn how to check that a piece of furniture is made of real aluminium?

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